I had the opportunity to capture a dying breed of hospitals in the Northeast. A psychiatric hospital in New York State that was closed in January 1994 due to budgetary reasons and increased drive for de-institutionalization.


The buildings are generally closed to the public. “Generally” is an understatement. Crumbling ceilings and walls insulated with asbestos are enough to make the mesothelioma tort lawyers rich forever. Peeling lead paint on the walls, though urbanely interesting is probably enough to make me a health hazard as I leave the building. 

I was surprised to find the wards/rooms were not completely enclosed. I guess I expect every mental institution to be maximum security. Uhh, thinking about it more carefully, I guess it doesn’t have to be.

My tour did not end well…another story for another day. So I took a small detour to cleanse my psyche!



4 comments on “Asylum

  1. brian says:

    You do know that breaking into a closed asylum is criminal trespass right? Jail time, or in your case – being institutionalized in one of the very monsters you sought to capture! lol
    Great blog post! Keep them coming!

  2. Josia says:

    Very nice pictures!

  3. amazing and nice pictures

  4. These photos are amazing! If you happen to be a match for our site, we would love to feature you and your work. These and any others you wish to submit. Let me know!

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