Istanbul: Turkey on Thanksgiving

I decided the avoid the turkey induced comas of thanksgiving and make my way to Istanbul for a few culture-of-a-different-sort filled days.

Lenstherapy Istanbul2 15

Hagia Sofya after a brief rainshower.

Lenstherapy Istanbul

Inside Hagia Sofya

Lenstherapy Istanbul

Courtyard at the Blue Mosque

Lenstherapy Istanbu1

Inside the Blue Mosque

Lenstherapy Istanbul


Lenstherapy Istanbul

Suleiman Mosque


8 comments on “Istanbul: Turkey on Thanksgiving

  1. brian says:

    Amazing pics! The architecture of the mosques is amazing and you’ve done a great job capturing it!!

  2. CB says:

    I love these pics! Wish I could’ve been there, too.


  3. TBM says:

    How cool. I’ve always wanted to visit this region and I hope to soon.

  4. Innocent says:

    wow …really impressed

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